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Darrel Forslund Jr., MD
Dr. Darrel Forslund Jr., MD, is the Emergency Medical Specialist for Spencer Hospital and serves as the medical director for the 8 volunteer services in Clay County and the Spencer Municipal Hospital. He is no ordinary medical director. He attends 100% of the Clay County EMS Association Meetings, hosts a special CQI meeting twice a year for the chief medical directors from the volunteer services, personally cooks a meal for all the EMS Providers and their families at our Annual Appreciation Banquet, and teaches at our Annual Winter Conference. Dr. Forslund has served in this position since 2000 and has consistently demonstrated his commitment to EMS. He serves as an outstanding role model for our EMS personnel and effectively mentors the EMS practitioners in all stages of their professional development. Dr. Forslund has served on various boards and committees over the years including EMSAC and QASP and currently is serving on the Clay County Board of Health. He is also very charitable and community oriented as he runs the only free medical clinic in our community. For these reasons and many more, the Clay County EMS Advisory Board would like to nominate Dr. Darrel Forslund JR., MD for the IEMSA Friend of EMS Award.

Donna Hanson
Like many rural Iowan’s and Midwesterners, Donna Hanson never dreamed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) might fail her or her neighbors. Like so many, she thought a person dialed 911 and an ambulance would soon arrive. On July 30, 2016, when the Hanson family was in need of an ambulance, she and her family experienced failure in our EMS system. Sadly, Tim Hansen of Hudson (Donna’s husband), died from a heart attack at the age of 57. An ambulance was called, but a crew was not available to respond. It is a rare few, like Donna, who would take an in-depth look at why calling 911 did not produce the expected results of an immediate EMS response. And then go on to Advocate for EMS across Iowa.

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