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Dr. Scott Markham
Nomination #1: It is my pleasure to nominate Dr. Scott Markham for the EMS Physician of the Year Award.

This year marks Dr. Markham's 25th year as EMS Medical Director for our Shelby County System. He provides this service at no charge and ha overseen a system developed which is head and shoulders above many of our neighbors. There are not many physicians who contribute a much, or as long, as Dr. Markham has.

Nomination #2: Respectfully submitted on behalf of paramedics of Medivac, Harlan.

We are excited and honored to be able to nominate our Medical Director Scott Markham DO for the EMS Physician of the Year Award. Dr. Markham has been our EMS Systems Medical Director for 25 years. And has guided and directed the EMS providers of Shelby County as well. He is responsible for ten volunteer teams and Medivac Corp., which provides ALS services to the County and surrounding areas.

He has shepherded in many changes and upgrades which have resulted in the EMS system of our County having a coordinated, life-saving and effective response. He conducts basic life critiques every quarter for the volunteers and monthly with the paramedics. He is able to steer patient care, anecdotally, when reviewing calls with the providers in directions which create a learning environment, and result in improvement to the care of future patients. He offers guidance and assistance for all levels. He is the liaison between the EMS providers, and the other hospital staff providing smooth transitions in updated protocols and other mandated requirements. His mantra of supporting the providers and actions in the field is often heard and emphasized by his words. The scene work and what the EMTs do in the field is different, as long as the EMS providers can justify their actions with logic and good reasoning, he will support that.

He has supported efforts aimed at the provision of efforts such as 911 dispatchers providing emergency medical dispatch pre arrival instructions and administration of life-saving interventions before the arrival of EMTs and paramedics. The Shelby County EMS system was one of the first in the State of Iowa to use these protocols. He supported the formation of rapid response teams, a tactical medic team and firefighter rehabilitation protocols. His guidance fosters an effective working relationship between 911 dispatch, volunteer, and paramedic level responders. Assuring that both levels are appropriately dispatched, all to the benefit of those who are injured, ill or, in need of medical care.

His compassion is measured in his approach to his patients, and in the support, he shows to the EMS providers. He is a true medical director. He is engaged, he is not a paper pusher or a doctor who just signs on without understanding his true role. His team playing extends to law enforcement community, firefighters, and the public health arenas as well. 25 years! A legacy to be honored, and recognized not only by our nomination, but by his selection as the first Iowa physician to receive this award.

Nomination #3: Dr. Scott Markham has been the EMS Medical Director for over 25 years in Shelby County. He has led both the Shelby County EMS volunteers as well as the paramedics service Medivac. Countless Medivac Paramedics have learned under his leadership, whether it is on scene discussion or through monthly Advanced Life Support Critiques. His goal is to teach the new medics to talk through the decision making process and empower them to fully use their protocols to save lives.

Dr. Markham has been instrumental in system and protocol development in Shelby County. The county has a unified system that works together with well established medical and tiering protocols. With this unified approach Shelby County EMS and Medivac have been successful in partnering with Mrytue Medical Center in the care of STEMI patients. Because of this partnership, under Dr Markham’s leadership, Mrytue Medical Center was awarded the GOLD award from the American Heart Association for STEMI care - the first Critical Access Hospital in Iowa to receive this award. This is not possible without teamwork between the hospital and EMS.

Although EMS is not Dr. Markham’s only added on duty as a physician, I really believe it has been the most beneficial and has had a large and long lasting benefit throughout the county and the lives of the people who live here.

Please consider Scott Markham, DO for the EMS physician of the year award.

Nomination #4: Dr. Markham is the EMS director for Medivac Ambulance in Harlan, IA and the surrounding volunteer departments in Shelby County. This year marks his 25th year as EMS director. In the 15 years I have been in EMS I have learned so much from him, he gives feedback on patients we bring into the hospital he works at, Myrtue Medical Center. Dr. Markham also meets with us once a month to do run reviews. At these meetings he has taught me how to become a better clinician. He deserves this award.

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