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Jane Morgan
I am honored to write on behalf of Jane Morgan. I have been able to work with Jane through her work teaching EMT Classes for northeast Iowa while I was an educator at the University of Iowa Hospitals EMS Learning Resources Center. The more I interact with Jane, the more I am reassured of her dedication to her students and the concern for them to deliver patient centered care.

Jane has lead two EMT classes, both of which have had great success. Her classes are generally composed of rural providers who are unable to take classes in a community college setting due to the travel distance or full-time employment that limits their availability. While the scheduling and location can be a challenge, Janeís work with these students pays off in the community impact these clinicians can provide. Her studentsí communities are often underserved by EMS and increasing the EMS force by even one can have a lifesaving potential! Living and working in these communities, Jane recognizes the need and more importantly puts in the effort to fix it.

Providing content is the beginning of being a qualified instructor however it is the small additions that I feel make Jane worthy of this nomination. I have witnessed her give her personal cell phone number out to students so they can call or text with questions. She also provides real life tangible examples to her lectures to ensure all are always enjoyable and educational. Following successful completion of the practical exam, the person the students run to hug is Jane. This concern for studentsí success is what sets Jane apart for other EMS educators!

Her results demonstrate these little additions to class, when repeated daily have a tangible impact. I would argue her classes have completion rates beyond the state average and while the state does not track completion rates of EMT programs, I think it is worthy to note that with a population who had demonstrated a need, she has raised the bar on success. This is also shown as her classes have higher than average NREMT pass rates for the state of Iowa.

Janeís impact on rural Iowa truly sets her apart and demonstrates a valuable service met in both tangible impact of student success and in patients impacted. Her charismatic way of achieving this success shows her worthiness of the EMS Educator Award presented by the Iowa EMS Association.

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