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Delaney Parish
I would like to nominate Delaney Parish for the 2022 IEMSA Dispatcher of the Year award for her efforts as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Delaney has one of the most calm demeanors and her ability to talk people through difficult situations is second to none.

Delaney's quick thinking on the evening of Friday, April 30, 2021, helped to save the life of a local resident in Oakville, Iowa. The 911 call was received at 8:17 p.m. while Delaney was on shift as the Dispatcher for the Louisa County Sheriff's Office. The 911 caller stated that an approximately 50 year old patient was actively choking on some food. Her EMO training allowed her to instruct the caller to attempt to clear the obstruction and perform the Heimlich maneuver. Unfortunately, the efforts to clear the obstruction were unsuccessful. Oakville Fire was on scene trying to manage the patient's care until an ambulance from Wapello could arrive. Due to the remote nature, radio traffic was hampered. Oakville's EMS providers attempted to call the dispatch center by radio, but the traffic was very broken and she was unable to make contact with providers at the scene. Using what limited information she had, Delaney's quick thinking allowed her to make the judgment call to have a helicopter dispatched to the scene as she felt this would give the patient the best chance at survival. She made the call and had MedForce 2 dispatched to the scene for additional resources.

It was partially due to the efforts of Delaney that the patient is still with us today with very few deficits from this incident. Delaney not only used her training as an EMO, but she also made the split second decision to do what she thought was best for the patient and to have the helicopter dispatched even though she was unable to confirm that EMS had requested a helicopter. She felt the need for aeromedical transport would be needed and rather than delay, she made the decision to request resources that she felt were in the best interest of the patient.

Delaney was able to stay calm and manage this incident along with another incident in the area that was requiring a large presence of law enforcement to manage that scene as well. She was able to manage both incidents simultaneously and positive outcomes were realized in both incidents.

Due to her efforts, quick thinking, and assertiveness she is very deserving of the IEMSA 2022 Dispatcher of The Year.

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