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Granville Volunteer Ambulance
I would like to nominate Granville ambulance for volunteer EMS service of the year. Granville is a small town of just over 300 people located in northwest Iowa. Despite the small town, the Granville Ambulance has been able to maintain a strong team of EMS providers. Included on this team are 6 drivers, 5 First Responders, 12 EMT, 1 AEMTs and 3 Paramedics. We provide 24/7 coverage, and cover nearly 60 square miles. We also offer paramedic assist coverage to neighboring communities. Nearly 75% of our calls are to help other services in surrounding communities.

Granville Ambulance is also very involved in growing EMS. Every other year Granville Ambulance hosts an EMT or EMR class at the station. This class is taught by one of the two EMS instructors on the department. Both instructors bring EMT classes twice a year to departments that are struggling to find providers for their communities. The team members also assist with the classes by mentoring other members, teaching skills, and helping with testing stations.

Granville Ambulance has a deep commitment to their community and their patients. This team has saved lives that most would say were impossible to save. Not only did this team save their lives, but these people are now out living productive, normal lives. I specifically remember 2 calls. The first was during the super bowl. While everyone else was at home watching the game, this team saved the life of a lady who was hemorrhaging from both wrists and her neck. They not only had to control the bleeding, but also get her out of the basement and drive over 20 minutes to the closest hospital. The second call was for a lady who hit a truck pulling a disc in the dark. Her vehicle was so mangled it was unrecognizable. She was unresponsive on arrival and needed extrication. She had bilateral open femur fractures along with countless other injuries. Both of these patients were saved only because of the fast work and skills of Granville EMS. We also recognize that our patients are more than just another person we drove to the hospital. These people are our families, our friends, and our neighbors. We want our patients to know this is how we think of them, and that we are thankful to be able to serve them, so we started sending every patient or their family a card to let them know we are thinking of them.

Granville Ambulance is more than a group of EMS professionals. They are a team, but more than that they are family and friends. They welcome new people onto the team and make them feel as of they have been here for years. This is more than just an outward show. Instead after every meeting the team will spend time together just catching up. But this doesn’t end when we leave the station doors. This attitude of caring and helping continues in our personal lives. Every member has been seen helping the next when problems arise whether it be chasing cattle, fixing a flat tire, answering questions about a medical situation, going to someone’s home to check on them, or just sending an encouraging text.

We recognize that we could never do what we do without this amazing team of people, or the community which helps support us. This team is a dedicated group of individuals who deserve to be recognized for who they are and what they do.

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