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Dan Sterner
I would like to nominate Dan Sterner, Paramedic with the Durant Ambulance Service, for the 2022 IEMSA Volunteer EMS provider of the year. Dan is an ER nurse and has been a member of Durant Ambulance since 2006. Iím confident the proceeding paragraphs will depict exactly why Dan would be the ideal recipient for this yearís award.

Around 1945 on May 2, 2022, the Durant Fire Department was dispatched to a fire in rural Muscatine
County. Dan was one of five crew members emergently responding in the first out engine company when they tragically had a TerraGator back out in front of them. The fire truck attempted to navigate around the TerraGator but was unable to do so and they ended up colliding while going around 60 miles per hour. The firetruck went down a steep embankment and came to rest out in the field. The force at which these vehicles collided was evidenced by substantial damage seen to the driverís side of the engine, with both doors being completely ripped off. Even though Dan sustained minor injuries in the accident, it was without hesitation that he immediately exited the truck and started triaging his brothers and providing first aid. He aided in stabilizing the most critically injured until an ambulance arrived.

Once the first of two Durant Ambulances arrived, Dan and the fire department crew were quickly able to extract the critically injured firefighter and start lifesaving medical treatment. Dan was the only paramedic on scene at the time and his experience and expertise helped lead the medical team to provide exceptional treatment to the injured firefighter. The firefighter was quickly stabilized, transported to a Genesis East Medical Center, and was later flown to University of Iowa for further treatment. After Dan and the medical crew handed care off to the trauma team, Dan checked in for medical evaluation and was treated and released later that night.

While Dan will tell you he was doing what any other person would have done in that situation, his act of courage, selflessness, and willingness to help others despite being hurt himself, shows the true character that he has. This was a true act of heroism. I believe he made a significant difference in the outcome of the firefighter and for that reason he should be your choice for the 2022 IEMSA Volunteer EMS provider of the year. 

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