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Affiliate Service Members
As an Affiliate Member, your organization would join hundreds of other Iowa EMS Services and Organization affiliate members who support the Iowa EMS Association in its efforts to:

  • Provide a forum for Service Directors to voice their concerns about issues such as Medicare reimbursement, OSHA requirements, etc. through the EMS Service Directors Committee meetings.
  • Offer up-to-date information and affordable CEs & CEHs at the Iowa EMS Annual Conference & Trade Show, Regional EMS Billing & Documentation Conference, Uh-Oh Peds! Conference, Leadership Conference & Service Directors Networking Event, Leadership Academy and more.
  • The VOICE Member Newsletters to all members to keep them current on issues affecting them, as well as an opportunity to gain optional CEHs from the self-study article.

You will:

  • Partner with IEMSA to facilitate change by retaining a lobbyist to be your voice in the Iowa legislature, as we advocate for EMS providers of all types and levels across Iowa, as well as continuous funding for EMS providers and the Bureau of EMS.
  • Opportunity to participate in important survey's that are taken to establish the "VOICE of EMS" that is presented on the hill.

Affiliate Member Benefits are:

  • As an active Affiliate Member, Job Openings at your service can be posted on our Job Posting Area of our Website. Just complete the application on the Job Postings page when you have an opening and we will post it for you. Must be an active member to post. No limit on how many postings or their time opening time period. We understand our Job Board is, more effective, and less expensive than other job sites, like monster.com and other job sites.
  • FREE IEMSA Individual Membership(s) based on Affiliate Level for a provider from your organization.
    • Affiliate Level 1 Members (< 50 Calls/Year) receive (1) Free Individual Membership to IEMSA ($30 Value).
    • Affiliate Level 2 Members (51-500 Calls/Year) receive (1) Free Individual Membership to IEMSA ($30 Value).
    • Affiliate Level 3 Members (501-2,499 Calls/Year) receive (2) Free Individual Memberships to IEMSA ($60 Value).
    • Affiliate Level 4 Members (> 2,500 Calls/Year) receive (3) Free Individual Memberships to IEMSA ($90 Value).
  • 25% off Exhibit Booth at the IEMSA Conference & Trade Show.
  • (1) FREE Seat in the Pre-Conference Leadership/Management Workshop at the Annual IEMSA Conference & Trade Show held in Des Moines every November ($120 Value)
  • Deep Discounts on Equipment and Products --Your service/organization will be automatically enrolled in the Group Purchasing Program-- once you're an affiliate member of IEMSA, within 5-7 days from purchase of your IEMSA membership Boundtree will activate your account to apply IEMSA discount levels to your account. This benefit alone will more than re-pay your membership dues with the discounts you see as you order products you order. You will enjoy FREE Shipping as well.

    Contact Bound Tree Medical for more information:

    Timothy Young
    Account Manager
    Direct: 614-591-4657


    Brooke Hunt
    Account Manager
    Mobile: 712-308-1092
  • Click here for the brochure about the PCG Onboarding Service Benefit
  • As an active Affiliate Member you also receive discounted rate (no upfront fees) from Public Consulting Group, to get onboarded into the federally funded Iowa GEMT Program. Public Consulting Group is partnered with IEMSA to assist its members with participation in the Iowa Ground Emergency Medical Transport program (IA GEMT). The program was introduced two years ago to help reimburse public EMS providers for uncompensated costs related to the provision of transports to Medicaid patients. In the past two years alone, PCG public EMS providers have received $7.6 million dollars in federal match funds under IA GEMT. Get your share of these funds! Contact Miles Brown at (720) 274-6305 or mbrown@pcgus.com.
  • Medicare Survey Assistance Services with Public Consulting Group (PCG), 20% off. Contact Miles Brown at (720) 274-6305 or mbrown@pcgus.com.

Become an IEMSA Affiliate Member

  • PDF Application
  • Level 1 (<50 calls/year) Apply / Renew
  • Level 2 (51-500 calls/year) Apply / Renew
  • Level 3 (501-2,499 calls/year) Apply / Renew
  • Level 4 (2,500+ calls/year) Apply / Renew
    PLEASE NOTE: When applying or renewing online, you will be asked to login using your primary email address and IEMSa2014! as your password. For future logins, you will be asked to enter a new password.
IEMSA Memberships
PLEASE NOTE: When applying or renewing online, you will be asked to login using your primary email address. Use the password reset button, or email administration@iemsa.net to reset your password.

Individual Memberships
Student FREE
Details  |  Apply Online  |  Brochure
Sign Up Instructions

One-Year $30.00
Details  |  Apply/Renew Online

Retired Active Membership
Apply/Renew Online

Affiliate Service Memberships

Level 1
(<50 calls/year)
Apply/Renew Online

Level 2
(51-500 calls/year)
Apply/Renew Online

Level 3
(501-2,499 calls/year)
Apply/Renew Online

Level 4
(2,500+ calls/year)
Apply/Renew Online


Training CENTER Membership


Apply/Renew Online  |  Brochure

Silver $500.00
Gold $1,000.00
Platinum $3,000.00

PLEASE NOTE: To sign up for a NEW Corporate Membership, please contact the office manager at (515) 225-8079 or email administration@iemsa.net. We will set-up an online account for you and get your membership processed. Once you are set-up, your renewal information will come to you by email each year.

IEMSA Member Benefits

Individual MEMBER Insurance BENEFIT
You must have a beneficiary form on file at the IEMSA office and be a current member of IEMSA to be eligible for this Policy. You only have to file this form once, unless there is a change in beneficiary.


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