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CEDAR RAPIDS — Ambulance services in rural areas are often underfunded, and require the help of volunteers like Wendy Frentress, a paramedic currently working with Blairstown Ambulance. She’s been recognized by the Iowa Emergency Medical Services Association with the Volunteer Individual of the Year award. That’s why she’s the focus of this week’s Show You Care Spotlight.

The loss of a family member inspired Frentress to become a paramedic back in 2001.

“my father had actually passed away in a Hardee’s, and a person there did CPR, and I wanted to give back what they gave to him,” said Frentress.

Since then, she’s been on calls for ambulances services in Urbana, North Benton, Iowa County, and Belle Plaine. It’s an unpredictable job that keeps her on her toes.

“Getting up out of bed in the middle of the night, not knowing what you’re actually going to run into,” Frentress said, smiling.

Dr. Brian Meeker at Virginia Gay Hospital in Vinton said people like Wendy make it possible for medical centers like theirs to save lives.

“When you dial 911, you expect people to come, but if it wasn’t for the volunteer aspect of it, that couldn’t happen,” Meeker said. “It’s a calling; it’s not for everybody, and we very much appreciate anybody who’s willing to volunteer.”

But for Wendy, working with her fellow EMT’s and patients makes it all worthwhile.

“We have our good times, our good calls, we have our bad calls, some are just funny. The people are just a joy to work with,” Frentress told us, recalling her encounter with one patient — a man with heart arrhythmia — after she helped stabilize him.

“He looked at me and I said, ‘do you feel better?’ I said, ‘I could just hug you, your rhythm changed.’ And he said, ‘well go ahead then, go ahead and hug me,’ so I did.”

Wendy said moments like that make her want to keep going, “as long as I’m able to.”

Wendy will attend the Stars of Life Conference in Washington D.C. in April, as a result of receiving the Volunteer Individual of the Year award.
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