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John Halferty
As with many communities in Iowa, the services in Jasper County have been facing an uphill battle to both find people to join and make the most of the people that they already have. Enter Sheriff John Halferty. As a 20+ year member of the Mingo Fire Department, he has seen firsthand the issues facing small rural departments. He was not content to watch these issues mount. Instead he opted to take action. As Sheriff, he is a steadfast supporter of EMS and a strong advocate for EMS whenever the chance presents itself. Sheriff Halferty and a group of his deputies took EMT training and equipped themselves as EMTs, becoming non-transport EMS service in Jasper County. This action has put more EMS providers in the field in Jasper County that are able to both respond to calls and assist with transports.

I would like to nominate Sheriff John Halferty as a Friend of EMS, Sheriff Halferty exemplifies commitment to public safety. He has taken his agency and made them more than just "cops." I am proud to work with him.

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