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Fayette Ambulance
I would like to nominate Fayette Ambulance for Volunteer Service of the Year.

This service was founded in the late 1960s and became ACLS certified in the late 70s which was unheard of then for a volunteer service. Fayette Ambulance continued to advance over the years and currently is staffed with 3 Paramedics, 1 AEMT, 13 EMTSs, 1 EMR and 3 certified drivers.

The service provides stand-bys for local school events, County fairs, fire department trainings, and assist with medical transports from area county hospitals.

We also have a mutual aid agreement with surrounding services and is always willing to lend a hand.

Paramedic Dave Collins has been with the service since the late 1960s joining as a first responder. He is currently a Paramedic and has helped make this service what it is today, along with the other members. The service has seen many upgrades including the new Lucas Device and a new cardiac monitor.

One local citizen states that the pride of the service shows. It is just a love for helping your community and doing what is right. Your community is only as strong as the volunteers you have. And we are extremely fortunate that we have Fayette Ambulance and the citizens know how lucky we are and appreciate the volunteer service so much!

Fayette Ambulance can be proud that it is a shining example of what a great volunteer service should be!!!!!

I would like to add a little history on Dave Collins as well. Dave and his wife Connie live in Fayette where Dave owns and operates a body Shop. Dave joined The Fayette Ambulance Service in 1970 The same year that the service was started. I think he was one of the first members. Over the years i think he first started as a EMT1 and in 1998 Dave moved up to Paramedic. Dave has been with the service for 46 years and a Paramedic for 18 years. Dave is the only Paramedic on our service at this time. I was told when the Ambulance service was formed they used a station wagon that they got from the funeral home in town. We now have 2 well equipped rigs that Dave help select. Being on a service for 46 years makes you wonder how many times did he left work or his family to go on a call to help some one in need of medical attention. In 46 years i wonder how many hours that would add up to. Not only is Dave on the Ambulance Service he has filled air bottles at the fire station when we have been on calls. I have not been on the service that long and i am just a driver and to see Dave at work on a call he is the"BEST." I forgot about all the miles and hours of training Dave has put in over the year i guess that is what you call dedication.

Sept 17 he will be 67.The City of Fayette is proud to have Dave in our community.

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