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Paramount EMS
Paramount Ambulance is a locally owned private ambulance service in Dubuque, Iowa.

Paramount Ambulance is licensed at the Critical Care and Paramedic level in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois stretching their service in many directions to provide for the patient care and transportation needs of the Tri State Area. As of September 2017, Paramount will have been in service for fourteen years. Marvin and Maria Ney started the ambulance service with one vision in mind: to give the Dubuque community an option when it comes to emergency medical care and transportation. Little did they know the service they established with a few ambulances and a handful of EMS providers would eventually grow into the establishment it is in the Dubuque community today.

In addition to the medical care and transportation needs Paramount provides, every year Paramount is asked and invited to both local and long-distance community events as a stand-by ambulance and EMS providers as well as a vendor at health and college fairs. As a service that is asked specifically for stand-by events, it comes as no surprise that Paramount Ambulance is a staple in the Dubuque and Tri State community. Now boasting ten ambulances staffed with Critical Care Paramedics, Paramedics and EMTs, a wheelchair shuttle service, and Medical Escort by commercial flight or Caring Coach, Paramount Ambulance is an Iowa based service that goes the distance to provide the highest quality of patient care and transportation accommodations.

The EMS professionals employed at Paramount are dedicated to offering the best local and out-of-town medical transportation. As an employer, crew members have come to know Paramount as their second family, or home-away-from-home. The service has truly become what the community, and employees alike, see as the family that is Team Paramount.

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