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IEMSA Individual Membership: $30/year
As a member of IEMSA, you help support a team of regional representatives who reach out to our state legislators about issues that are important to you and other EMS providers and support numerous projects such as the Annual Conference & Trade Show, Annual Billing & Management Conference, and Leadership Academy and more!

Individual IEMSA Membership Benefits:
  • You are entitled to receive a substantial, members-only discount on registration to all IEMSA events that offer member discounts, including IEMSA’s Annual Conference held each year at the Iowa Events Center, Des Moines.
  • Patches and other IEMSA merchandise can be purchased at “members-only” prices.
  • You are entitled to a free, $10,000 Accidental Death/Dismemberment Insurance policy (excludes flight personnel). Click here to download, print, complete and return the Beneficiary Form.
  • IEMSA members receive a 25% discount ($10 off) on NAEMT dues with proof of current membership.
  • All CURRENT/ACTIVE IEMSA members receive 4.0 FREE CE’s per year. In addition, IEMSA Members receive an additional 15% off any extra CEs you wish to purchase—use promo code IEMSA-15. To Enroll in this IEMSA Benefit simple follow these instuctions. Caution: it takes some time to get enrolled –it is not a LAST-MINUTE OPTION.
    • Step 1  Set up an account with CareerCert
      If you haven’t already, head to www.careercert.com, then click the “Sign-Up” Link to create a profile/account. This is FREE.
    • Step 2  Click here to complete the “IEMSA 4.0 Free Hours Enrollment Form”
      Your IEMSA membership status will be verified, and a 4.0 CEs Subscription will be added to your account at CareerCert.com
    • Step 3  Wait for an “Enrollment Email” from CareerCert.com. Follow the Directions on the Enrollment Email.
    • NOTE: These credits are only good for one year from the enrollment date, and you must keep your membership current. At one year, any unused credits left will be dropped.

      REPEAT STEP 2 Each Year When You Renew Your IEMSA Membership. You will need to complete the enrollment form at the link again to receive another 4.0 Credits, which again will expire after a year.

Become an IEMSA Individual Member:

  • PDF Application  Click, print, complete and mail with payment to : IEMSA 5550 Wild Rose Ln #400, West Des Moines, IA 50266.
  • Renewal Members Login here
    • Click on “My Transactions”
    • Click on "Pay Open Orders”
    • Tick off Next to the Open Order(s) you want to pay. If you do not see an open order, simply go to the ONLINE Store Tab and follow the steps below.
    • Click "Next”
    • Process Payment by credit card
  • If NEW to IEMSA, please use the New Visitor Registration to register for the site.
    It’s important to note, setting up an online Account with us does NOT make you a MEMBER of IEMSA. You need to purchase a membership to be a member of IEMSA by going to the “Online Store” and then following the steps below to purchase a membership.
    • Click on “Online Store”
    • Click on the Individual Membership icon
    • Click “Add to Cart”
    • Click “Check Out”
    • Check Out Screen Options:
      • Select Method of Payment – you have two options:
        1. “Credit Card” – completing the credit card information and click “Purchase Now”. Your membership is activated immediately.
        2. “Mail My Check” –Select this method if you’re paying by check. Then click “Purchase Now”. You will receive a confirmation email. Print that email and mail it with your check to: IEMSA, 5550 Wild Rose Lane, Ste. 400, West Des Moines, IA 50266. It’s important to note—this form of payment will NOT activate your membership—until payment is received in the office and applied to your account.

Questions? Call or email Lisa Arndt, Office Manager at 515-225-8079 or administration@iemsa.net.

IEMSA Memberships
PLEASE NOTE: When applying or renewing online, you will be asked to login using your primary email address. Use the password reset button, or email administration@iemsa.net to reset your password.

Individual Memberships
Student FREE
Details  |  Apply Online  |  Brochure
Sign Up Instructions

One-Year $30.00
Details  |  Apply/Renew Online

Retired Active Membership
Apply/Renew Online

Affiliate Service Memberships

Level 1
(<50 calls/year)
Apply/Renew Online

Level 2
(51-500 calls/year)
Apply/Renew Online

Level 3
(501-2,499 calls/year)
Apply/Renew Online

Level 4
(2,500+ calls/year)
Apply/Renew Online


Training CENTER Membership


Apply/Renew Online  |  Brochure

Silver $500.00
Gold $1,000.00
Platinum $3,000.00

PLEASE NOTE: To sign up for a NEW Corporate Membership, please contact the office manager at (515) 225-8079 or email administration@iemsa.net. We will set-up an online account for you and get your membership processed. Once you are set-up, your renewal information will come to you by email each year.

IEMSA Member Benefits

Individual MEMBER Insurance BENEFIT
You must have a beneficiary form on file at the IEMSA office and be a current member of IEMSA to be eligible for this Policy. You only have to file this form once, unless there is a change in beneficiary.


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